WineSeq Microbiome Test

A smart discovery towards the sustainability in the wine business.

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  • Get accurate diagnostic information of the vineyard health status and wine value.

  • Understand the behavior of microbial communities to prevent diseases.

  • Increase wine quality and differentiate from the others on the market.



WineSeq for vinegrowers

Learn from the microbiome to improve your viticulture.

Soil tests

Analyze the soil of your vineyard and find out how its microorganisms interfere or help in winemaking.

Starting at 99 €


Plant & Grape tests

Take better care of your vines and grapes by understanding their microbiomes and discover its potential diseases and impact in wine.

Starting at 99 €


WineSeq for winemakers

Follow the microbial way to make the best wine.

Fermentation tests

Analyze must or any other fermented liquids to check the microbial community involved in the process, anticipate future problems and make better wines.

Starting at 120 €


R&D Projects

Curious about the microbiome that surrounds you?

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WineSeq Club

Join the largest wine microbiome community!

WineSeq Club

Become a member of WineSeq Club and discover a world of benefits for a better comprehension of the microbial community of your winemaking process: personalized advice, complete information about treatments, access to exclusive events and much more.

250 €